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Katie Wagner


Photographer | Graphic Designer | Videographer


I have been passionate about art for as long as I can remember.  From the very first time my parents handed me a disposable film camera at the age of five, I have loved taking photographs.  As I got older, that turned into a passion for all types of media- photography, movies, music, and graphic design.  


I graduated from Southern New Hampshire University in 2018 with
a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design and Media Arts, and a double minor in Digital Media Video Production, and Art History. Since graduating, I have found many ways to use my degree.  


First, I worked as a sales associate at Pandora Jewelry during school and shortly after graduation, and also assisted with their social media campaigns whenever possible.  


I also worked for a year as a Junior Production Designer for
a technology marketing company.  While there, I was responsible for following spec sheets and creating both digital and print marketing supplies for big name technology brands such as HPE, Dell, AWS, VoiceFriend, FlexPod, and more. This gave me a lot of experience with following brand specifications for each company.  


Next, I worked as a Social Media Manager and Graphic Designer. As manager, I updated the website, created social media posts and managed Hootsuite, took and edited photographs, and managed and organized archives. 

Most recently, I worked at Velcro Companies as a Graphic Designer, where I assisted in product photography, social media content videos and graphics, internal and external design pieces, and more. 


In addition to all of this, I have had my art chosen to be displayed prominently at Southern New Hampshire’s art exhibition, several of my films were chosen to be shown at a film festival, and photography I took for a blog won a Dotcomm award. 


I also successfully run my own business, Katie Wagner Graphic Design LLC, where I work with clients one on one to take photographs or create designs that they love and will cherish forever. I post frequently on RedBubble, where I can sell my art to customers all over the world.  I also have a sub-division of my business called ColbyCrafts, affectionately named after my cat, where I design, create, and sell products for pets and pet parents on a website that I created, as well as in stores across the country. 

If you have any questions or would like to commission a project, please reach out to me!  I am always happy to discuss art. 

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